The power of Drumming

Through his experience as a musician and a drumming teacher
Reagan has been using the power of drumming method in Kenya to improve self esteem, confidence, team work, attitudes, life skills and cooperation on team building by using rhythms and sounds from Kenya. Through working with street children and youth from the slums of Nairobi he developed empowerment programs through drumming to help building resilience in social problems and challenges faced on their day to day life. The drumming increases a sense of openness, togetherness, sharing and connectedness, as well as serves as a medium to facilitate an outlet for rage and regain a sense of self-control and motivation. In this way he uses drumming skills to positively impact participants who wants to express themselves through the drumming power platform.

The focus of the workshop

Reagan will present indigenous African Drumming and percussive rhythms from Kenya and East Africa such as Karachuonyo, Baganda, Madengwe, Chakacha and Rumba.
Through these rhythms that are full of energy and emotions the participants will induce a state of focus and calmness that increases the level of concentration and express the positive attribute in oneself.
The workshop will help developing communication skills, recreational fun, team work, relieve fatigue and body tension.

Workshop Time table. Max 12 participants

Duration: 2 hours

  • Welcoming and introduction
  • Body warm up.
  • Breathing control.
  • Sitting positions and Energy control
  • Rhythms techniques and playing.
  • Body and mind focus.
  • Rhythms coordination and communication.
  • Groove.

Teaching vulnerable kids

Social-Emotional Character Development through music

Reagan Odour Nyachieng’a is a Kenyan percussionist based in Nairobi. He established M-Tafsiri Africa after realizing the need to identify and nurture the talent resources of Kenyan former street children and youth from ghetto areas. Through the use of percussion music, both children and youth has achieved greatly in cultural exchange programs, workshops and performances and have passed on the culture to community schools, youth groups and orphanage children homes within Nairobi.

Reagan will go through his adopted Methodology of TSMP (Talent search and mentor ship program) in teaching and training former street children. The methodology includes Social-Emotional Character Development in training and teaching music to children and youth facing social problems.
The workshop will be a platform for open sharing regarding the current challenges music teachers face for instance when teaching music to ethnic minority groups or children facing social problems.

Workshop Time table

Duration: 1-2 hours

  • Welcoming and introduction.
  • Sharing of personal background
  • How do we create motivation?
  • Methodology of teaching street children and vulnerable children
  • The role of the teacher
  • Music culture and community based development
  • Questions