Cristmas concert

A concert with Danish and Kenyan Christmas songs

What happens when you mix a Kenyan percussionist with a Danish music family?
What happens when you add African rhythms to European Christmas songs?
What does a Kenyan Christmas song sounds like?
Above are some of the contents of M-Tafsiri Africa Band’s exciting and varied concerts where the band show the audience, how the joy of Christmas reaches worldwide and how the intense and joyful African music can enhance and enrich the Danish Christmas song tradition.
M-Tafsiri Afrika Band consists of Reagan Oduor Nyachienga from Kenya playing percussion instruments together with the Malmgren Asmild family from Voerladegaard on violins, viola, mandolin, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, accordion and vocals.

With a possible subsequent sharing in the church hall, we will elaborate on the themes:

What is Christmas in Kenya and how is Christmas celebrated?
What is Christianity and what does the Christian messages signify if you grow up in the slums of Nairobi – or in a rural district?

What does Reagan indicate when he says that Danes and Kenyans have important similarities?
We will also evaluate on how open-mindedness and curiosity can create cross-cultural friendships and how the will to learn from others taught us something important about ourselves.