Amalie Malmgren Asmild is a Danish musician, storyteller and filmmaker. She is a vocalist and started playing the violin at the age of 6 years. She performed at her first storyteller festival at Moesgård Museum at the age of 11 and directed her first professional short film at the age of 14. After touring in Kenya and Denmark in 2016 she formed M-Tafsiri Africa Duo together with the Kenyan percussionist Reagan Odiwuor Nyachieng’a. Aside performing she gives music lessons and workshops. Through her film, music and stories she questions life themes and seeks to promote openness and sharing between cultures.


Reagan Oduor Nyachienga is a Kenyan percussionist, music teacher and crafter of instruments. Together with Amalie Malmgren Asmild he formed M-Tafsiri Africa Duo as an offspring of his sole initiative M-Tafsiri Africa started in 2005. Through M-Tafsiri Africa Reagan provides his skills and services to nurture the talents of vulnerable Kenyan former street children and youth by empowering them through music trainings in Kenyan traditional drums and percussive instruments. He crafts traditional drums and percussions for sale and provides workshops, lectures, music lessons and consultancy in performing arts and community based development.