Programs and bookings

M-Tafsiri Africa Duo performs at festivals, music scenes and platforms as well as in schools, churches and at private parties and arrangements. We also do storytelling and give lectures and workshops to companies, organizations, schools or private initiatives. The length and focus of the program can be adjusted in regards to the needs of the client.

M-Tafsiri Africa Duo
Reagan & Amalie

Concert Denmark November 2016

Kenyan-danish traditional music concert

An inspirering and joyful concert where M-Tafsiri Africa Duo fuse traditional Kenyan percussive music with the sound of the violin inspired by Scandinavian folk music. At their youthful live concerts they play traditional songs as well as songs composed by Reagan Oduor Nyachieng’a.


For companies, organizations, schools, music schools and institutions.

The power of drumming

A workshop in indigenous African Drumming and percussive rhythms from Kenya and East Africa such as Karachuonyo, Baganda, Madengwe, Chakacha and Rumba. Through these rhythms that are full of energy and emotions we will induce a state of focus and calmness that increases the level of concentration and express the positive attribute in oneself. Max. 12 participants.

Workshop in social-emotional Character development

A workshop where Reagan will go through his methodology in Social-emotional and Character Development in training and teaching music to vulnerable street children and youth. The workshop will be a platform for open sharing regarding the current challenges music teachers face in Denmark for instance when teaching music to ethnic minority groups or children facing social problems.

Storytelling with music

For schools and institutions, companies, libraries, litterary saloons or other platforms.

Karen Blixen

Aside from being a great author, Karen Blixen was a storyteller.
Karen Blixen had a story about Kenya – does Kenya have a story about her?
M-Tafsiri Africa Duo and Helle Asmild will tell and perform their version of the story about Karen Blixen and Kenya.

A Journey in Kenya

To receive an invitation and decide to travel to Nairobi to visit friends you have barely met is to accept the possibility of quite new experiences.
M-Tafsiri Africa Duo joined by Helle Asmild play and perform a collection of hilarious and entertaining tales about what happens when you agree to try something else than what you are used to.

Lectures and sharings

For schools and institutions, organizations or at private arrangements.
Content will be chosen regarding the wishes of the client.