The name M-Tafsiri is derived from the Swahili word (Mziki Tafsiri) which in English means “Music interpret life, culture and heritage”. M-tafsiri Africa was founded in the year 2005 in Kenya for the purpose of promoting traditional music, conserve Kenyan culture, promote peace and encourage cross-cultural learning in East Africa and the rest of the world. The organizations is registered by the Ministry of culture and Arts.

Our culture our Pride
Our culture our Pride


The vision of M-Tafsiri is to serve children and youth for holistic, personal and artistic development by embracing discipline and moral values.

M-tafsiri mission

  • M-Tafsiri invites the participation of artists without any form of discrimination based on religion, race or tribe.
  • M-Tafsiri nurture and empower children and youth through mentorship in the performing arts and life skills so as to fully achieve their potential in the community and the society.

Our core Values

  • Integrity; as we take responsibility of our actions.
  • Equality; We accommodate all individuals irrespective of race, gender, ethnicity, religion or disability.

Our objective

  • M-Tafsiri Africa uses the power of arts as a tool to change the lives of children and youth for social improvement and emotional recovery as a humanitarian intervention to the community.
  • M-Tafsiri Africa focuses on children and youth who have experienced social and emotional problems. We create a platform for them to discover their chances and opportunities in life through performing arts.
  • This is an important step maybe a decisive one that will eventually determine their future. Everyone can make a difference in the hopes and dreams of a child. This is a noble task, and we shall keep on doing it.