Talent search and mentorship program

M-Tafsiri Africa Outreach Training

(TSMP) Talent search and mentorship program

M-Tafsiri Africa is located in Nairobi, Kenya. We have a special program for children and youth called TSMP (Talent Search and Mentorship Program). This program was created to honor ‘’The Hope and Dream of a child’’ in the year 2005 by  Reagan  O. Nyachieng’a the founder of  M-Tafsiri Africa. TSMP is done by M-Tafsiri Africa artists, trainers and volunteers with the focus of empowering upcoming artists from children and youth living within slums of Nairobi, whom have the interest in learning how to play Kenyan traditional drums and percussive instruments and singing. The program also creates a platform for young learners in schools, churches and rehabilitation institutions to be trained in music, physical fitness and life skills to grow and become well rounded individuals who knows their place in the society, and are able to give meaningful contributions to their local community. This social empowerment method makes the children and youth strengthen their minds and abilities through creative stimulations which help them utilize techniques to enhance their skills and build cathartic, therapeutics as wells as build trust among themselves.

Beneficiaries of M-Tafsiri Africa Outreach trainings